The Perfect Place for Portraits

Where in the world should we go?

When we plan a family portrait session, it’s fun to pick props and a location that has special meaning to the family. There are many places to go, but when we choose a favorite spot, the resulting portraits are extra powerful.

So what location is special to you? For some clients, it’s the park, or the beach, or a even a vacation spot. For many people, their all time favorite place is home sweet home.

One of my favorite ‘locations’ was for a client whose home was undergoing extensive renovation. So what’s a Mom (who is also a designer) to do? She literally built a Pinterest worthy set in her backyard!

They set up a couch, chairs, tables, lighting and props in the semi wooded lot behind the house. The ‘set’ included her favorite accents and personal touches and were just right for their family.

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