What Should I Wear for Photos? (Part 1)

Do you really know what looks on you? Color, neckline, style? Let’s start with colors.

I have noticed over the years that most “What to Wear for Photos” guides simply tell people what colors look good in photos, or how to coordinate your family’s outfits. Good information, certainly.

However, they don’t really tell you how to determine what looks good on YOU. When I ask a client which colors look best n her, she will often say she doesn’t know. Too often, we purchase clothes because we like the color of the season, without considering whether it is our best color.

This really matters when you are being photographed. A color that looks great on someone else may not be the right one for you. Taking a little time to determine which are your best colors can make all the difference on your finished portraits.

For instance, ivory, beige and white are very different colors. Ivory is great on me, white is ok, but beige makes me look washed out. Do you know which is right for you? To help figure it out, go to your closet. Pull out every color you have, and try them on. Take a photo in each outfit and compare results.

Can you see a difference? Do some colors make you look amazing? Match your eyes? Make you look washed out and tired? Now you are on the way to discovering your best colors!

2 thoughts on “What Should I Wear for Photos? (Part 1)

    1. Hi Terry, Thank you. Pretty much everything we put out is about what colors look good on camera, not what colors look good on people! Planning to change that!

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