Shillelagh #wordoftheyear

  Shillelagh.  Tricky to spell and fun to say, it’s a wonderful Irish word.

 And it’s my word of the year for 2023.

You may know the shillelagh as an Irish walking stick, and so it is.

But wait, there’s more!

Often seen as a symbol of Ireland, the shillelagh is traditionally made of blackthorn wood,  each one a lovely  work of art that delights this Irish heart. (Garlock may not sound Irish, but the Kathleen Ann Bridget Lafferty that comes in front of it gives me away every time.)

Look beyond the obvious, and you will discover that the shillelagh is the perfect blend of form and function, and is really so many good things.

  • A cane, to assist with everyday mobility.

*An accessory- a walking stick, should you wish to look dapper.

*A hiking stick, offering the little extra boost you may need getting up those hills you encounter in life.

*A shillelagh can be a weapon, for protection in times of strife.  

Or a workout.  Bataireacht, a form of Irish stick fighting popular in past centuries, is now making a comeback as an Irish martial art.

Or simply rest your shillelagh in the corner, to offer some ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ magic, with a bit of Irish luck.

So many good things. 

I also like the idea of ‘Shillelagh’ as a simple greeting, with deep meaning,  like ‘Aloha’ or ‘Namaste’, so I will use it this year.

 Shillelagh. I offer you this lovely word, and wish you so many good things.





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