A Boutique Portrait Experience

Your Place or Mine?

One of the first questions clients ask is “Where should we have our portraits made?”        It used to be automatic to go to a studio, either a chain like Olan … Continue reading

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Baby Days

Baby days.  I remember them well. Well, as much as I can recall the sleepy weeks after each of our three children arrived. Fragments of the most amazing times… I … Continue reading

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Three Tips for Dressing for Portraits

Usually the first question clients ask about portraits is : What should we wear?  Well, that can depend on whether you are planning a family session, an executive portrait or … Continue reading

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I Hate the Way I Look in Pictures!

Have you ever said that?  It seems the natural reaction to looking at images of ourselves is to immediately hunt for flaws.  This often results in  women simply not existing … Continue reading

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Expecting A Miracle

A new baby is always a miracle.  Just the fact that two people can create a life is astonishing. When that new life is also your first child, well, let … Continue reading

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Seven Grandchildren Under Age 8…

So there we were, in Grandma’s beautiful backyard, all laughing and dancing for the amusement of seven darling cousins… I was delighted when a favorite client called to say her … Continue reading

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Cherry Blossom Portraits at Last!

“For five years, we meant to do portraits on the cherry blossoms. Now we are being transferred and it is put last chance!” Happily, we got that chance, and the … Continue reading

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