The Luxury of a Wonderful Portrait

     Have you seen the new portraits of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, created by photographer Paolo Roversi, in honor of Kate’s  40th birthday? They are beautiful, joyful, timeless; in a word, wonderful. 

Of course, there are thousands of photographs of Kate, since pretty much everything she does is documented, pretty much all the time. She even takes lots of fun photos of their kid and she is pretty darn good at it.

 But a portrait session for a milestone birthday, that is a special. A moment in time, dedicated to her.  Now, for Kate, it will also be part of her family, and her royal, history.

It’s been quite a year.  Don’t we all deserve something special? 

But why a portrait? In a time when we all have a camera in our pocket, why book a portrait session?  Well, don’t most of us have a fully functioning kitchen at home?  Yet we  also love to have someone else create a meal for us.  Something delicious.  Something special.

Having a portrait created is rather like enjoying  dinner in a fine restaurant, instead of  grabbing a fast food takeout meal.  Something special, luxurious.  Something we can do for all sorts of special occasions.

And the best part is, they are not gone in an hour.We keep our portraits for a lifetime and pass them down to our children. They are the history of our family.

 We can celebrate  birthdays, engagements, christenings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, First Communions, promotions, new jobs.

 Or perhaps just because we’re worth it. 

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