The Four Gracielas

Once upon a time, families had portraits painted of their children when they reached a certain age. The paintings were displayed in their homes (or castles, as the case may be) to celebrate their long lineage.

A number of my clients have kept up this tradition, and had me create a special portrait of each child, usually around 5-7 years old. Today I can combine the realism of a photographic portrait with the elegance of a painting. A true likeness, that captures their sweet young faces, before their adult teeth came in and everything changed. A true portrait of childhood. How each child loves it when their special portrait goes up on the wall!

Another favorite is the multi generational portrait. A gathering of family, where you see the connections and resemblances through the generations. We will be creating one in my own family this spring, when my mother meets her newest great grandchild.

One of my absolute favorite sessions was over ten years ago, when I received a call to celebrate the birth of a new baby, and photograph four generations Each one, Great grandmother, Grandmother, Mother and Baby, were all named Graciela. I was delighted to capture her baptism and first birthday portraits before they moved across the country. (We still send Christmas cards) In my memory, this session will always be ‘The Four Gracielas’.

If you are fortunate enough to have four (or more) generations, I implore you to have a portrait made now! Something lovely and timeless. For those still here, and for generations to come. You will be so happy you did. And so will they.

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