Imagine: Stress Free Family Portraits

Does the very idea of having a family portrait made freak you out? You know really want an updated portrait. The kids have changed so much, and you haven’t been able to visit family like you usually do. But who … Continue reading Imagine: Stress Free Family Portraits

My Afternoon with a Mermaid

When you ask someone what they do and they reply “I am a mermaid,” it gets your attention. So I could hardly pass up the opportunity to meet Gemma in person, and naturally, to photograph her. You may not have known that there are employment opportunities for mermaids here in the Cleveland area, but when you look amazing in your tail, swim well, and have outstanding rapport with children, work is available. Mermaid Gem ( ) has delighted visitors to the aquarium, Renaissance Fair, special events and parties. Her costume is amazing, with phenomenal attention to detail. Add to … Continue reading My Afternoon with a Mermaid

How to Look Great In Photos (no matter who takes them)

By now, everyone is back to school, in one way or another, and we know what that means.Holidays are right around the corner. While the traditional family and workplace gatherings will undoubtedly be different this year, we can still send … Continue reading How to Look Great In Photos (no matter who takes them)

Princesses, Wizards, Unicorns. Get your wands ready!

A while back, I got a giant stuffed unicorn and dragon and took portraits with my little clients in the studio. It was great fun, but even then, I wondered if it would be possible to offer a ‘real’ unicorn session to aspiring princesses and wizards. Lo and behold, I discovered Pony Tales Farm, right here in Columbia Station, Ohio. As soon as I met Lorraine and Bill, I knew this was the place. Pony Tales Farm has been in operation for 27 years, offering pony rides, classes and outreach to the community, as well as running a pony and … Continue reading Princesses, Wizards, Unicorns. Get your wands ready!

What is the Best Neckline for Photos?

The REAL question is, what is the best neckline for YOU to wear. Because we are all different. Most articles about what to wear give a long list of generic rules, but they aren’t really helpful, because what do they have to do with you and your neck? So as an example, I offer me, in eight different necklines, so you can see how your clothing choices can affect your portraits. I believe the boat neckline with scarf and turtleneck with jacket are best for me. But how about you? Start in your closet, and pull out all the different … Continue reading What is the Best Neckline for Photos?

A Walk in the Park

Well, that is usually how I start my day. Today, however, I headed to the astonishingly beautiful grounds of the Cleveland Museum of Art. It was one of the first places I visited when me moved to Cleveland, and it is one of my favorite places. So imagine my delight when two graduate dance students were celebrating this beautiful day and allowed me to capture the fun. Enjoy your day! Continue reading A Walk in the Park

What Should You Wear for Photographs?

The clothing you choose can make a tremendous difference in your portraits. Mostly, you want your wardrobe to help you look great!! How do you find out what look is best? Start with the neckline, which should flatter your figure and bring attention to the diamond of your face. To see how different necklines can completely change your look, just text the word: NECKLINE to my new business text number: 440-586-9153 for a free chart. Reply and be entered to win a free headshot (if you are in the Cleveland area). Winner chosen Sept 21! Continue reading What Should You Wear for Photographs?

Play Ball!!

Family portraits with style are the most fun. What is your family’s storytelling style? The best portrait sessions start with a conversation: What does your family love to do? And how can we incorporate that into your session? If you know Mike and Jessie, you know they love baseball, and so do the kids. Naturally, that needed to be a part of their latest family session. Last time, we went with classic casual, so this year, we upped the game. You know how you get dressed up for a special occasion and think, “Man, we look good!” Well, I believe … Continue reading Play Ball!!

Here Comes the Class of 2021

While it may still feel like 2020 has been the loooongest year ever in the history of man… look up, and here comes the Class of 2021, right around the corner. And I believe it’s just what we need. As the world adjusts to the new realities, we balance between tradition and innovation, and we move forward with hope and prayers that working together, we can right the ship and enjoy the voyage. One of these traditions, of course, is Senior Pictures. For just a few fun hours, our kids become America’s Next Top Senior Model. A chance to shine, … Continue reading Here Comes the Class of 2021

Celebrating a 2020 to Remember!

If we circle the cars in the parking lot, build a podium in the center and live stream the Mass, everyone can still attend graduation. Innovation rules for the Class of 2020! Once again, I have to say I am so impressed by how school officials and parents have re-invented graduation. Two weeks after Saint Joseph Academy (see previous post) our grand daughter graduated from Saint Bernadette’s School in Westlake. The new celebration included awesome Fathead Photos of the graduates’ kindergarden photos, a car parade with friends and families, and a socially distant Mass in the gym. After Mass, the … Continue reading Celebrating a 2020 to Remember!