Your Place or Mine?

One of the first questions clients ask is “Where should we have our portraits made?”        It used to be automatic to go to a studio, either a chain like Olan Mills or Sears Portrait Studio or if you wanted something more elegant or unique, an individual photographer, like Portraitions! In recent years, the trend has been outdoor portraits, which are great, unless it is too hot, too cold, windy, rainy or just too humid for our hair to behave properly!  Trees and flower are lovely, unless our hair is droopy or we are freezing or sweating. The most frustrating is … Continue reading Your Place or Mine?

Baby Days

Baby days.  I remember them well. Well, as much as I can recall the sleepy weeks after each of our three children arrived. Fragments of the most amazing times… I remember my husband and I staring down at the crib that held tiny Matthew, all snuggled up, astonished at the miracle we had created.  Angela was the first girl in my husband’s family in 24 years, and the haze of pink that accompanied her birth was as soft and delightful as she. Joseph’s arrival was especially memorable, since I had knee surgery the next day, but that’s another story. In … Continue reading Baby Days

Three Tips for Dressing for Portraits

Usually the first question clients ask about portraits is : What should we wear?  Well, that can depend on whether you are planning a family session, an executive portrait or a fabulous Cashmere Session, compete with hair, make up and … Continue reading Three Tips for Dressing for Portraits

Expecting A Miracle

A new baby is always a miracle.  Just the fact that two people can create a life is astonishing. When that new life is also your first child, well, let just say your entire world is about to be rocked.  The truly amazing part, to me, is that the feeling of pure love we have for our children never goes away.  Just ask your mother. I so enjoy creating beautiful portraits of beautiful Mothers to Be, and being part of their miracle in the making.  Can’t wait to meet their little one. Continue reading Expecting A Miracle

Seven Grandchildren Under Age 8…

So there we were, in Grandma’s beautiful backyard, all laughing and dancing for the amusement of seven darling cousins… I was delighted when a favorite client called to say her entire family was gathering before her brother’s family made the move out west.  Her mom wanted a portrait of everyone together, including one of the seven grandchildren. Challenge accepted! Whenever family is all together, we naturally want an updated family portrait.  It is a treasure to have them on the wall, and see their smiling faces beaming down 0n us, especially when their home is far from ours.  (All of … Continue reading Seven Grandchildren Under Age 8…

Cherry Blossom Portraits at Last!

“For five years, we meant to do portraits on the cherry blossoms. Now we are being transferred and it is put last chance!” Happily, we got that chance, and the Baker family braved some chilly weather and captured fun family portraits as the blossoms popped. As crazy as packing up the house and heading for another military posting must be, my favorite thing about the Bakers was how the entire family loved being together. Everything else fell away, while they laughed and hugged and simply celebrated taking some time to be together, and to remember their time in DC. Continue reading Cherry Blossom Portraits at Last!

Snow Day

What do we do when the weather doesn’t cooperate?  How about we take a snow day and have fun anyway? My clients were thoughtful enough to offer to reschedule on Presidents Day, as the snow was coming down, but being from Chicago, I just loaded up the car and headed to their home. We set up a studio in the living room, complete with lights and background, and created some wonderful images. The delightful  Megan loved snuggling with mom and dad and played ballerina on our miniature chaise, then headed outside to play in the snow! I also love capturing … Continue reading Snow Day

Winter Walk

They called it the Blizzard of 2016.  It was a lot of snow (24 inches) but not actually a blizzard.  John stayed at a hotel on the Hill, so he could get to work. I rescheduled appointments, and joined him there. We don’t get to see a DC winter wonderland often, so I grabbed my camera and headed outdoors. It was  weird to see DC so empty, except for pedestrians helping the few cars that ventured out on Saturday.  By Sunday, the dogwalkers and sledders were out in force.  I guess we are finally developing some of that Chicago flintiness where … Continue reading Winter Walk

Your Life Is A Work of Art

One of the things I enjoy about life in DC is the ability to go to the National Gallery so often.  Just wandering through, looking at the art that has been passed down through the centuries is astonishing.  As a family photographer, I am delighted to see that even painters captured families as they were…not all sitting up straight and looking at the artist, but interacting, and in motion.  On occasion, I realize that one of my portraits reminds me of a  painting I have seen, and I go to the National Gallery in search of the image.  I love  … Continue reading Your Life Is A Work of Art