A Boutique Portrait Experience

Your Life Is A Work of Art

One of the things I enjoy about life in DC is the ability to go to the National Gallery so often.  Just wandering through, looking at the art that has … Continue reading

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Lost in the Fog

It has been some interesting weather we’ve been having.  One day I am photographing a high school senior in 55 degrees, the next driving home from a newborn session in … Continue reading

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Do You Cry When You Decorate your Tree?

Do you cry when you decorate your Christmas tree? Ok, my kids will tell you I cry at Hallmark commercials.  Bringing out the big box of ornaments is kind of … Continue reading

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How Much Do Professional Portraits Cost?

So,  how much do professional portraits cost? Well, like  pretty  much everything else you buy, it depends on what you want.  When most clients have portraits made, it marks an … Continue reading

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Everyone Should Feel Beautiful

Do you usually like portraits of yourself? Most people will say no.  Looking at a portrait of ourselves is kind of like listening to our voice on a tape recorder.  … Continue reading

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Time Travelers

They say you should have an elevator speech for what you do…you know, a thirty second blurb.  So here is mine.  I facilitate time travel.  Think about it.  On the … Continue reading

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Warrior Success!

WE DID IT !! Matthew and I  and my great good friend Vicki ran trails, climbed walls, swam in murky water, sloshed through murk, leaped over fire  and crawled through … Continue reading

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