Unicorns or Dragons?

Are your children and grandchildren like mine?  While I always liked horse as a girl,  unicorns are all the rage now.  Soft and beautiful, every little girl’s dream pet. Unless they prefer dragons! Or maybe both.  From Disney princesses to Dungeons and Dragons, your child’s imagination is boundless.  When I saw these wonderful stuffed creatures, I knew they needed a home at the studio. How much would your child love a portrait of themselves with a unicorn or dragon? Now is the chance.  For a short while, This Magic Moment Portraits will be available at an introductory price. Imagine one … Continue reading Unicorns or Dragons?

Baby Days

Baby days.  I remember them well. Well, as much as I can recall the sleepy weeks after each of our three children arrived. Fragments of the most amazing times… I remember my husband and I staring down at the crib that held tiny Matthew, all snuggled up, astonished at the miracle we had created.  Angela was the first girl in my husband’s family in 24 years, and the haze of pink that accompanied her birth was as soft and delightful as she. Joseph’s arrival was especially memorable, since I had knee surgery the next day, but that’s another story. In … Continue reading Baby Days

Three Tips for Dressing for Portraits

Usually the first question clients ask about portraits is : What should we wear?  Well, that can depend on whether you are planning a family session, an executive portrait or a fabulous Cashmere Session, compete with hair, make up and … Continue reading Three Tips for Dressing for Portraits

Lost in the Fog

It has been some interesting weather we’ve been having.  One day I am photographing a high school senior in 55 degrees, the next driving home from a newborn session in a snowstorm. Last Saturday, we rescheduled our session because of rain and fog… so naturally, I grabbed my camera, put on rain gear and  headed into the fog. There is something so peaceful about walking through the fog shrouded Mall before the tourists have arrived.  Here are a few of the images I created… Continue reading Lost in the Fog

Everyone Should Feel Beautiful

Do you usually like portraits of yourself? Most people will say no.  Looking at a portrait of ourselves is kind of like listening to our voice on a tape recorder.  We have a tendency to be critical when we really look and sound pretty darn great.  And your family loves you now, today, just the way you are. Part of what I love about my job is when I show my clients their portraits, and they announce, with great surprise, that they like those images of themselves!  It make me so happy to have happy clients see themselves as their … Continue reading Everyone Should Feel Beautiful