Baby Days

Baby days.  I remember them well. Well, as much as I can recall the sleepy weeks after each of our three children arrived. Fragments of the most amazing times… I remember my husband and I staring down at the crib that held tiny Matthew, all snuggled up, astonished at the miracle we had created.  Angela was the first girl in my husband’s family in 24 years, and the haze of pink that accompanied her birth was as soft and delightful as she. Joseph’s arrival was especially memorable, since I had knee surgery the next day, but that’s another story. In … Continue reading Baby Days

Three Tips for Dressing for Portraits

Usually the first question clients ask about portraits is : What should we wear?  Well, that can depend on whether you are planning a family session, an executive portrait or a fabulous Cashmere Session, compete with hair, make up and … Continue reading Three Tips for Dressing for Portraits

Lost in the Fog

It has been some interesting weather we’ve been having.  One day I am photographing a high school senior in 55 degrees, the next driving home from a newborn session in a snowstorm. Last Saturday, we rescheduled our session because of rain and fog… so naturally, I grabbed my camera, put on rain gear and  headed into the fog. There is something so peaceful about walking through the fog shrouded Mall before the tourists have arrived.  Here are a few of the images I created… Continue reading Lost in the Fog

Cherry Blossom Portraits in Washington DC

So here we are again…almost Cherry Blossom season.  We have lived here seven years now  and each spring the blossoms transform the city…for about 10 days.  This short  window of delicate pastel  flowers and blue skies is such a favorite that guests flock to Washington DC from around the world.  And we live here.    So often, when we are creating portraits in the District, clients  tell me they seldom make the time to go  and enjoy all that  DC has to offer. To all my wonderful Washington  DC , Alexandria and Maryland clients, be sure to stop and enjoy the … Continue reading Cherry Blossom Portraits in Washington DC

End of an Era

I grew up in Chicago and  became aware of politics when I was 7 and my grandmother, Mary Murphy McIver, was thrilled to have an Irish Catholic President.    When I met my husband in college, one  of the things we had in common was our admiration of the Kennedy family. Almost 50 years later, here we are,  living in DC, when the last of the Kennedy brothers was laid to rest.  John was producing coverage at C-SPAN, so I went to the Capitol with my camera to join the thousands who went down to say goodbye. The plane was late, … Continue reading End of an Era

We Are One

Free concert, themed “We Are One”,   at the Lincoln Memorial, celebrating the Inauguration. Come and bring a few hundred thousand of your closest friends.   OK. The concert starts at 2:30. Realizing this is also dress rehearsal for Inaugural security, I arrive at 10:00 am, camera in hand. The Capitol is beautifully dressed, draped in red, white and blue. Thousands are already there, families and tour groups, photographing the preparations and heading slowly toward the Lincoln, at the other end of the Mall. You know me, I wander, admiring the city and collecting images of details  that catch my … Continue reading We Are One