2020. What a year was. Hard to believe it has almost been a year since the world shut down, and things have changed in ways we never imagined.

And yet…

One thing has not changed at all. Our families are the center of our universe. Always have been, always will be. As they should. This is what I believe, and what my clients believe. As such, I take lots of family portraits every fall for holiday cards. We love to keep in touch. And to see each other’s smiling faces, even if it isn’t in person so much right now.

My favorite card this year was from a longtime friend and client. She always includes a family update on what they have done and where in the world they have traveled this past year. This year, she wrote:

“This year has been a blessing for our family – giving us time to cherish the moment. Together we played games, laughed at home videos, took long walks, shared great books, and engaged in thought provoking questions at mealtimes…We celebrate the present with gratitude and recollect the past with joy. May you be so blessed this Christmas!”

What a way to look at the world!! So let’s keep our eyes up, and our smiles on under those masks and travel joyfully into 2021. Maybe with prizes….

So, about this winning thing…

This spring, I am giving away 8 family portrait sessions, so you can appreciate the blessing of your family. This is my first posting of the offer, to my followers before I send it out to everyone. Tell me why a family portrait would matter to you right now, and you may be one of my lucky winners! Click the link below to see the offer, fill out the form and you are entered. I will call all winners by March 1.


Enter for a chance to win, and remember to count your blessing today!



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