My Afternoon with a Mermaid

When you ask someone what they do and they reply “I am a mermaid,” it gets your attention.

So I could hardly pass up the opportunity to meet Gemma in person, and naturally, to photograph her. You may not have known that there are employment opportunities for mermaids here in the Cleveland area, but when you look amazing in your tail, swim well, and have outstanding rapport with children, work is available.

Mermaid Gem ( ) has delighted visitors to the aquarium, Renaissance Fair, special events and parties. Her costume is amazing, with phenomenal attention to detail. Add to that a custom made top and incredible headpiece and you would swear she was the real thing. Which of course, she is. A real mermaid, just as I am a real photographer. Also a real businesswoman.

She has been featured in Best of Cleveland, and maintains Ohio Mermaids LLC, which promotes opportunities for professional mermaids throughout the state. So if your Ariel loving daughter asks if she can meet a real mermaid, now you know where to go!

Special thanks to my friend and fellow photographer, Ellie Vayo, for inviting us to use the waterfall at her fabulous outdoor studio in Mentor.

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