What is the Best Neckline for Photos?

The REAL question is, what is the best neckline for YOU to wear. Because we are all different.

Most articles about what to wear give a long list of generic rules, but they aren’t really helpful, because what do they have to do with you and your neck? So as an example, I offer me, in eight different necklines, so you can see how your clothing choices can affect your portraits.

I believe the boat neckline with scarf and turtleneck with jacket are best for me. But how about you? Start in your closet, and pull out all the different necklines you have purchased. Which do you wear all the time? Hardly ever? Which make you feel good? Try them on. Take selfies.

If you have lots of the same neckline, try shopping! Choose a store that has variety, and try on a bunch of different styles. taking selfies in the dressing room. or….

Thinking you prefer to stay home right now? Me too. Try Amazon Prime Wardrobe. Choose a variety of tops with different necklines and have them delivered. You have a week to try them on and decide. Be sure to return what you do not want, so you are not charged!!

So that’s it for today We will discuss choosing the best colors soon.

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