Play Ball!!

Family portraits with style are the most fun. What is your family’s storytelling style?

The best portrait sessions start with a conversation: What does your family love to do? And how can we incorporate that into your session?

If you know Mike and Jessie, you know they love baseball, and so do the kids. Naturally, that needed to be a part of their latest family session. Last time, we went with classic casual, so this year, we upped the game. You know how you get dressed up for a special occasion and think, “Man, we look good!” Well, I believe a portrait session, an hour spent having fun with your family, IS a special occasion.

We started with a fun dressed up style. Elegant, but not fussy. First our classic images, then we got out the baseball gear. A little batting practice, a game of catch, and we have a wonderful collection of images to grace the family room wall,  a family portrait album, and a morning of memories to relive anytime.  #Ilovemyjob

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