Here Comes the Class of 2021

While it may still feel like 2020 has been the loooongest year ever in the history of man… look up, and here comes the Class of 2021, right around the corner. And I believe it’s just what we need.

As the world adjusts to the new realities, we balance between tradition and innovation, and we move forward with hope and prayers that working together, we can right the ship and enjoy the voyage.

One of these traditions, of course, is Senior Pictures. For just a few fun hours, our kids become America’s Next Top Senior Model. A chance to shine, to tell the world who they are, and whom they hope to become. An opportunity to look back, and forward at the same time.

If your Senior is ready to make their mark, I would be honored to help them do so.

Give me a call at 703-304-3779, so I can answer questions and talk options. (Don’t let the phone number throw you. I live in Westlake Ohio). I look forward to getting to know these outstanding young men and women (with all CDC protocols in place, naturally).


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