I’d love to… but what should I wear?

One of the first questions clients ask me is what to wear for their portraits. Your clothing choices can determine the overall look and feel of the portrait, such as formal or casual, but you also want your clothes to make you look great. Chose an outfit that you love. That go-to outfit that you reserve for special occasions. Your portrait session IS a special occasion.

There are many considerations, but let’s begin with the neckline. Your portrait should be all about you, so we want to call attention to your lovely face. The main focus (pun intended) will be the diamond, from the top of your head, to your shoulders, to the center of your chest. When your clothing directs the eye here, the portrait is all about you.

Here are several necklines, and the ones I consider best. I like a bit of open neck, but not too much. A jacket or scarf adds a great finishing touch and draws the eye upward, enhancing the overall look of the portrait. Jewelry also adds a great personal touch.

Of course, you will want to choose the neckline that looks best on you! As you make your decision, feel free to contact me to talk about options. I want you to love your portraits, and it starts with what you wear.

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