Who’s Zooming Who?

Family Portrait Zoom Style

As we settle into this new way of family life, I remember the great Aretha Franklin song, “Who’s Zooming Who?” from 1985. If you don’t know it, you can find it on YouTube.

Now ZOOM has entered the international consciousness as a verb, defining the way we communicate. No longer does a simple phone call suffice. We want to SEE each other too, especially since we can’t do it in person. A wonderful idea, in my humble opinion!

Now, we live a scant 10 minutes away from two children, but still connected with them and our youngest via Zoom for Easter. Of course, I needed to take a family photograph, and this was it. I will, just like every one of you, count the days until we can do it in person.

I am sure you are all feeling the same way. I look forward to seeing you again soon as well. So in the meantime, hug those family members who live with you, wear a mask outside ans stay safe!!

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