Finding Our Way Home

Life, Part IV.

That’s how I think of our latest adventure, here in Cleveland, Ohio.

Part I was growing up in Chicago. All the fun of a big family in a big city. We were city kids, roaming the neighborhood and spending a surprising amount of time downtown. Mom worked in the Loop, and we were at her office so often, she may have invented Take Your Children to Work Day (unofficially).

Part II was getting married and moving to Ohio, my new husband’s home. Our children had the best of both worlds, enjoying a cozy life in a small city where everyone knows you (at least it seemed that way) and frequent visits to Chicago to visit family. I started my photography business and built it up slowly, becoming a real part of the community.

Part III, with the kids married and the youngest off to college, we started our empty nest adventure to DC. Sixteen years of living and working back in the city again. I began my business anew, and got to know the DC metro area. So many new and fun experiences, traveling from DC to Cleveland and Texas visiting children and grandchildren.

Part IV is our latest adventure. As much fun as traveling back and forth has been, driving seven hours to have lunch with one of our children was too much, so again we packed up and went. Now we are settling in just outside Cleveland and hanging out with kids and grands on a regular basis. Still traveling to Austin to see our youngest, but that is ok too.

And yes, I am still working at photography! One more chance to be part of the community, and help them celebrate their families with portraits.

So my advice to you? Celebrate your TODAY, whatever that may be. Enjoy the presence of your family, and for heaven’s sake, have family portraits taken!! Your Part IV will arrive sooner than you think.

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