Countdown to Christmas!!!

Can you believe it is almost Christmas again? And the end of a decade? 2020 around the corner. Grab the reins and enjoy the ride…

You know I talk about our kids and grandkids all the time. They are the light of our lives. So it came as no surprise to most of you when I announced we were (semi) retiring and moving to Cleveland to be near them.

Well, we did it, and here we are, five minutes from the beautiful shores of Lake Erie, getting to know our new home and loving hanging out with our family.

Hopefully your family and I had a chance to get in one more session before the big move. If so, you should already have your portraits, or they will be at your door within a week.

If we did not get together, and you still need your Christmas portrait, here is how to do it:

  1. Pick a color scheme for everyone (everyone in blues and browns, everyone in denim and black. Pick your favorite and let everyone be themselves. No need to match!
  2. Pick a location. Your front porch, the town Christmas tree, your favorite spot on the waterfront. Family choice.
  3. Make it an event to be enjoyed. Pack a lunch, or plan for a stop for cookies and hot chocolate afterwards.
  4. BE IN THE PORTRAITS!! Sorry, I don’t mean to shout. I feel it is SO important for the parents be included in your portrait session. It is your story too, and your children and grandchildren will love having these to look back on. Hard to imagine, but it goes by way faster than you imagine. Trust me on this.
  5. Call a photographer (me, of course, if you live in the Cleveland area) or enlist a friend to get in on the fun. One hour creates a lifetime of memories. But I’ll bet it becomes an annual tradition.

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