Ten Short Days in Springtime

SO here we are again, springtime in DC, counting the days until the cherry blossoms arrive. This year, we didn’t get false alarms or windy weather, and the blossoms are right on time, April 1!

The blossoms really are a cottage industry here in DC. With everything from signature cocktails, https://washington.org/deal/special-cherry-blossom-cocktail to parades, https://washington.org/deal/special-cherry-blossom-cocktail it is high tourist season, and this year it looks like they will be rewarded with a beautiful show, right on time.

It is also one of my favorite times for cherry blossom portraits! Since this is such a transient area, having portraits in the iconic cherry blossoms is a wonderful remembrance of that time you lived in DC. I have a few session spots open in the next few days, so give me a call at 703-304-39779if you want to be part of our area’s history.

Don’t wait, because the blossoms are a limited time offer!

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