Baby Days

moonlight dreamer

Baby days.  I remember them well. Well, as much as I can recall the sleepy weeks after each of our three children arrived. Fragments of the most amazing times…

I remember my husband and I staring down at the crib that held tiny Matthew, all snuggled up, astonished at the miracle we had created.  Angela was the first girl in my husband’s family in 24 years, and the haze of pink that accompanied her birth was as soft and delightful as she. Joseph’s arrival was especially memorable, since I had knee surgery the next day, but that’s another story.

In all their stories however, one thing is sadly true.  I never thought to have beautiful portraits done of my babies with us when they arrived.  Plenty of snapshots, mostly of sleepy parents on the couch, but no portraits. I made up for it later, but still, those first few weeks are so remarkable, I am sad that I did not capture them.


That’s why it makes me so happy to capture those first few weeks for my clients now.  Whether we design a special set for your little one, or concentrate on how it feels to hold your new baby close to your heart when he or she is so tiny they actually fit in your hands.


Sometimes, clients wonder if they should wait for portraits until their child is sitting up and smiling.  Except they will have their entire lives to have those sitting up smiling portraits.  This precious window is so short.  Don’t wait.



Oh, and making mom and dad look rested and wonderful is my specialty!

The perfect new baby gift is one they will treasure forever and never outgrow.               Gift certificates available.  Call Katie at 703-304-3779 to order.



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