Three Tips for Dressing for Portraits

Usually the first question clients ask about portraits is : What should we wear?  Well, that can depend on whether you are planning a family session, an executive portrait or a fabulous Cashmere Session, compete with hair, make up and wardrobe.  For any type of portrait, these three tips hold true.

1. Something that fits. It seems obvious, but clothes can lose their shape and fit over time.  Be  sure to try things on, and check for general fit as well as correct hem or sleeve length.  You will feel and look more comfortable.

2. Choose a collar style that frames your face.  Generally, an open neck or v neck is more flattering than a t-shirt or crew neck.   A tie, statement necklace,  or scarf can also help draw attention to your smiling face.

3. Pick a color that looks great on you, and will look good when displayed in your home.  If you are coordinating a group, choose a color family, like brown, ivory  and blue.  Or pink, grey and white. This lets everyone be individual, but look great together.

For lots more ideas and suggestions, just send me your email or  go the contact page on my website,  and ask for the free brochure.




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