A Boutique Portrait Experience

I Hate the Way I Look in Pictures!

Have you ever said that?  It seems the natural reaction to looking at images of ourselves is to immediately hunt for flaws.  This often results in  women simply not existing in photographs. Our friends and families get used to us offering to take the photos, so we do not appear in them.  Nothing left behind for our children, to show them what we looked like when we were small.

When your children go looking for images of you ‘back then’, what will they find?

We tell ourselves, ‘when I lose 20 pounds’  when my hair looks better, after I buy new clothes… but of course, that day never arrives.  The thing is, this ‘I don’t like myself in photos’ idea often extends to ‘I don’t like the way I look at all.’

I sincerely believe that knowing we look good (even great) in photographs can translate into feeling good about ourselves every day.  A portrait session just for us, that highlights our best features, is much more than an indulgence. It establishes a fabulous baseline in self confidence.

So do yourself and your future family, a favor.  Find a  photographer who makes portraits fun ( I can suggest someone) and treat yourself to a session, just for you!  It will be time and money well invested! p.s. None of  these women thought they  looked very

good in  portraits.  Happily , they are now believers.  Let me make you a believer too. Call me at 703-304-3779, and feel great about the way you look…in portraits, and everyday.




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