A Boutique Portrait Experience

Seven Grandchildren Under Age 8…

So there we were, in Grandma’s beautiful backyard, all laughing and dancing for the amusement of seven darling cousins…

I was delighted when a favorite client called to say her entire family was gathering before her brother’s family made the move out west.  Her mom wanted a portrait of everyone together, including one of the seven grandchildren. Challenge accepted!

Whenever family is all together, we naturally want an updated family portrait.  It is a treasure to have them on the wall, and see their smiling faces beaming down 0n us, especially when their home is far from ours.  (All of our grandchildren live in Ohio, so I know just how this feels.)

Often time seems short, and getting everyone together for a portrait seems like too much effort. However, on this lovely spring morning, everyone came to Grandma’s for brunch and portraits. By the time we were done, I felt like part of this wonderful family too.

If it has been a while since you have had a portrait of everyone, just do it!  This is a gift to yourselves and to your children and grandchildren.  Give me a call, at 703-304-3779, and ask for the grandparent special.  Then gather the family, and let’s create a memory to enjoy every day.



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