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Do You Cry When You Decorate your Tree?

Do you cry when you decorate your Christmas tree?

Ok, my kids will tell you I cry at Hallmark commercials.  Bringing out the big box of ornaments is kind of a hallmark moment, and I do require the Kleenex.  You see,  ours is not a designer tree, but the story of our life.
As we select which ornament to hang next, we can’t help but time travel a bit.
The Popsicle stick star Joseph signed  when he made it in kindergarden. The crocheted wreath with five year old Matthew’s picture. The cookie dough Santa that has inexplicably survived since Angela was four.  The ones from Miami University and Notre Dame, when we had 13 consecutive years of kids in college. Souvenirs of vacations.
We have ornaments from all along the way, but  my favorite is from the year John and I married. I am sure at one time you could read 1973 on the bottom of the Norman Rockwell ornament. Now it is hard to even see Santa. One year, as we opened the box, our ornament had broken a bit. I taped the crack, and hung it anyway. Over the years, with increasing damage  and additional tape, our little ornament graces the tree.
This year, as we celebrate 40 years together, we think we may be a bit like our little ornament… somewhat the worse for wear, but delighted to be celebrating another Christmas with the family.
Enjoy your celebrations with family and friends this year, and savor the moments of the season.  Take those photographs, and hand over the camera and BE IN those photographs. It’s all about the memories. Be sure you are part of them.  Merry Christmas!

Still hanging in there.

Still hanging in there.


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