A Boutique Portrait Experience

How Much Do Professional Portraits Cost?

So,  how much do professional portraits cost?

Well, like  pretty  much everything else you buy, it depends on what you want.  When most clients have portraits made, it marks an event. Perhaps a significant birthday or anniversary, a christening, or simply the entire family being together.  They usually want something for the wall, and some to give as gifts.  When they see the images and love a bunch of them, they realize albums may be the perfect answer.

 The most important thing to know is, it is entirely up to you.
 First, you choose your session.  Your session fee covers the time spent in planning and creating your images.
 I offer several session types.  My Original Session is just $150.  We create portraits at your home or  local park or other location.  This session usually takes about 90 minutes and gives you lots of options.
Now, if you want a make-up artist or limousine services, these are available as well, but naturally, they cost a bit more.
A few days after your session, I come to your home, and   present  your images with my amazing selection software, so you can choose your favorites.  As for what to order, that depends on you.  My  Portrait Selection Guide explains your options,and I am happy to show you samples and  go over all of them with you.
 Every image you select is  enhanced, so no scrapes or bruises remain on active children, and no under  dark under eye circles show on tired parents. Next, they are all printed by my professional lab, then textured and mounted on archival art board.  Each portrait is a custom work of art.
There are  no minimum orders, ( or maximum orders). You choose exactly what is right for your family.
  To give you a range, Wall Portraits start at  $250.  Smaller gift portraits start at $65.
  Albums hold 20-150 images, and start at $600.
 Want a little of everything?  There are also a number of money saving Collections   that offer exactly that.  Plus bonus gifts.
So give me a call at 703-304-3779 and we can plan something wonderful.  Something you will keep forever, and hand down to your children, and theirs.  Best of all, you know this is one investment that will never depreciate.

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