Everyone Should Feel Beautiful

Do you usually like portraits of yourself?

Most people will say no.  Looking at a portrait of ourselves is kind of like listening to our voice on a tape recorder.  We have a tendency to be critical when we really look and sound pretty darn great.  And your family loves you now, today, just the way you are.

Part of what I love about my job is when I show my clients their portraits, and they announce, with great surprise, that they like those images of themselves!  It make me so happy to have happy clients see themselves as their family sees them, full of love and laughter.

My sister and her boyfriend came to visit DC last week.  We walked miles and miles and had some really great meals and great conversation. I also took photographs (surprise.)  In addition to the tourist photos, I offered to do a Cashmere session for her birthday.  (She is my OLDER sister, and I told her I was going to point that out)  Hair, make up, cool jewelry and wardrobe.

Her first response was to say she does not look very good in portraits anymore, but she would trust me.  One hour, three outfit changes and lots of laughter later, she said she had a blast and  loved her images. Do I have a great job, or what?


Have a great day, and feel beautiful, because you are!

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