A Boutique Portrait Experience

Where Am I?

Do you ever feel this way?  Driving down the street I’ll suddenly think, where am I going?  Or I walk into a store and ask myself why did I come in here ?  The past few months, however, the question  has been literal.

Since the arrival of our fifth grandchild in October, I’ve been spending almost half my time away from home.  I’ve been helping with the baby, playing with the older grandchildren,  visiting my mother and sisters in Chicago and in-laws in Lima.  It feels rather like my office is on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.  Good thing I like to drive.

It’s an interesting question, where do I belong?  Were do I feel most at home?                         What location says this is me, right now, as I am?

I ask my clients that question as we begin planning their portrait session.                                     Are they DC people, or Alexandria people?  Waterfront or home sweet home?                                  If they had an afternoon to enjoy all to themselves, where would they go?                                       (If they say Paris, I remind the I travel for expenses.)

Where would you like to be photographed, and why?

The time has come for new portraits. Where should I have them taken?  Please feel free to make a suggestion. maybe the best, most accurate representation would be in my car!

I am going to have to think about this….


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