A Boutique Portrait Experience

Stop, Look, Listen

Last weekend, I accepted my friend’s challenge to do the Rock and Roll  Half Marathon in Chicago.  It was also a great excuse to visit family in my hometown. Our son Joseph and his wife, Crystal with their new dog, Penny live there, as do my Mom and sisters.

So there I was Friday morning at the United Terminal at ORD,   headed briskly for the rental car shuttle.

Above the moving walkway were these really great neon lights.   I slowed down and  looked up, watching the colors roll by on the jagged tubes.  Then I realized the walls were also part of the scene, softly lit glass cubes, matching hue to the overhead display.      Next came the music, Gershwin, Rhapsody in Blue.  Suddenly the long walk  (pulling the suitcase along behind me) became a feast for the senses.

I got off half way, pulled my camera from the backpack, and like a little kid, got on the ‘ride’ again.  Back I went to the beginning, enjoying the show and creating photographs,  as people rushed past me on the walkway. (Being a good Washingtonian, I stayed to the right.)  I wondered how many of them even noticed the show before their eyes and ears. Then I wondered how often I miss other ‘shows’ as I hurry through the day.

When we walk with children, they are always stopping to look  and listen and touch, and we often tell then to come on and hurry up, because there is somewhere we need to be.   Here’s to enjoying the world through their little eyes, even when we are by ourselves.

Oh, and the half marathon… we had a great time, running along Lake Michigan with the Chicago skyline in sight.  Mile 10 and the fabulous volunteers with sponges soaked in ice water was amazing, and we beat Al Roker by at least four minutes!


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