A Boutique Portrait Experience

100 Years of Memories

I realize  I am prone to repeat my suggestion that you all get those images out of the computer and create hard copies.                          Please allow  me present another reason…

My father in law lost his battle with a long and difficult illness last month.  We received the call at 6:00AM and within 12 hours, family had gathered in Ohio  from several states to say goodbye and celebrate his well-lived life.  As soon as we got to the house, there they were on the dining room table…boxes and albums, containing one hundred years of memories.  Photographs from the turn of the last century, of grandparents and great grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins…the family history for all to recall and enjoy.

From snapshots to formal portraits, they all open a door to the past. We select an image, smile and say, “I had forgotten all about that”  and recall details of the moment.   Stories go back and forth, with laughter and tears.   At the funeral home, more photographs on the boards  open conversations with  friends and neighbors who come to pay respects.

So take your photographs.  Appreciate the moments of your life and save them for  future generations to celebrate.  But please, don’t limit those memories to ever changing technology.  Every time you upload,  select 10 or 20 images and send them off to be printed and returned to you.   Fill up those boxes  with your stories.  You never know when they will be a comfort to others.


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