A Boutique Portrait Experience

Transient Beauty

After two amazing weeks, the cherry blossoms are gone.  Our street is lined with cherry trees, so every time I looked out the window, they greeted me, from  soft white to rich pink to the ‘snowfall’ of petals as they faded, to be replaced with green.   Our own personal cherry blossom festival.

They do transform the city ,and  millions come to DC  each year to celebrate this most visible sign of spring.  Photographers (myself included) were  everywhere covering nature’s  premiere event, as tourists and residents alike  participated in the annual parade around the Tidal Basin.

Why do we do it?

What is it about flowering trees that brings everyone out?  I believe it is the transient nature of it all.  The anticipation is high because we know the window is small.  This is not our schedule, this is Mother Nature.  We can’t wait until next month, or  it gets warmer,  or when our schedule eases up (like it ever will).  We  know we need to go now, if we are going to enjoy it.  So we do.

It’s a great lesson, don’t you think?   Let’s all remember to to take the time to actually DO that stuff we want to do.  Let’s enjoy a perfect spring afternoon with the family, or really schedule that trip. Toss the ball.  Have the tea party.

Our families are growing up faster than we can imagine.  Talk about transient.  Those toddlers  will be in kindergarden soon…then off to college…and I know this all too well.  Look around.  Drink it in.  Take a photograph.  Enjoy.    Oh look, the azaleas are blooming!


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