A Boutique Portrait Experience

Little Gifts

If you read many of these posts, or know me at all, you know we love life in DC.  The city is so beautiful, it is a pleasure just to drive, walk or run through it. (Especially if you can arrange your schedule to avoid rush hour as much as possible.)  Sometimes we feel so busy, we forget to stop and pay attention.

I went to church at St. Joe’s on Capitol Hill last night.  I have been running more lately and my knees were pretty creaky as I got up for communion.  Then I noticed the young man on my left.  He was walking slowly, holding on to each pew as he headed up the aisle.  Looking down, I realized he was  just getting used to walking on his two new artificial legs.   Thank you, young sir, for your service.

Heading home, I looked at the Capitol, a symbol of our freedom,  in  perfect twilight.  I captured an image.  Then I saw the full moon, and doubled back for another look and an even better photograph.

The small gifts of awareness of our blessings and the beauty around us are everywhere, even when we rush past.  Maybe when we feel the most rushed, all we really need is to double back, and take another look.


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