A Boutique Portrait Experience

Let It Snow? Still? Seriously?

Well, good thing I baked , because it was good to have something to share with my great neighbors after we plowed out the neighborhood last weekend.    The work goes so much faster with friends, whether it is shoveling snow, doing the dishes  or cleaning the garage.

I remember doing the dishes as a kid with five siblings.  We would wash, dry and put away while doing our multiplication tables.  Two things finished at once, with lots of laughter and only a few broken dishes.

If, like me, you are suffering from cabin fever, try getting together with neighbors.  Help each other clear out closets or garages, swap things you never wear or use, or  set up a neighborhood movie night.  Many  things in life are either good or bad, depending on your attitude, so get as happy as you can.

As we watch the forecast  promising an additional 6 to 10 inches tonight,  I’ll think of tomorrow’s shoveling as a full body workout, minus the personal trainer.  And of course, a chance to get a few more interesting images of this astonishing snowfall.

Remember to send in your favorite snow photos for our February photo contest.  Best snow landscape and best snow portrait receive an 11 x14 print of their image.  So have fun, and be careful out there!


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