A Boutique Portrait Experience

What if you could save a child’s life?

I know, that’s pretty heady concept.   The idea of saving  a life usually brings up visions of jumping in front of a speeding bus or diving into frigid waters… but it can also be as simple as making a donation to the right cause.

My cause is St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  The hospital itself is in Memphis, Tennessee, but its reach is global. Determined  in its mission  to save children’s lives,  St. Jude works with hospitals and doctors around the world, gladly sharing  breakthrough research in order to help  those who cannot physically come to them for treatment.

Cancer has not been kind to my family.  It has claimed both my grandfathers, my father and my younger brother.  It tapped both my sister and me  in 2001, but we are happily eight years cancer free.  Thank God for research.  And that is why this post… to encourage all of you to fund the ongoing research to end childhood cancer .

We  first heard about St. Jude 34 years ago,  when a friend’s  six year old son was diagnosed with leukemia and was treated at St. Jude.   They knew so little then.   Todd did not win his fight, but his father was so grateful for the efforts put forth by the doctors and staff at the hospital  that he spread the word, and we have participated in raising money ever since.

Imagine a place where you receive care physically and  emotionally, and if a promising treatment is not covered by insurance, that’s ok.  St. Jude  will work to save  your child with everything they’ve got  and you will never receive that bill.  They can do this because of the kindness and generosity of those who recognize the importance of their work and donate to save children everywhere.

This year, St. Jude will hold it’s first  Give Thanks Walk on Saturday, November 21, 2009,  at Potomac Mills.   There are so many ways you can help.  You can sign up and walk, raise money yourself, form  a team, or simply make a donation.

I will be photographing the walk, and will also be my own team!  If you would like   or to donate,  or get additional information, simply go to

Click on Sponsor a Friend, search for  Portraitions or Katie Garlock, and donate right online.   There,  you just helped save a child’s life. Doesn’t it feel great?

When  you make a  $100 donation to my  Portraitions Team,   from October 8 through November 21,    I will send  a special thank you.  You will receive a certificate for a Family Portrait session and one 11×14 Classic Portrait ($375 value).   If you would like to give those certificates as gifts, you may make several $100 donations and I will send several certificates.   (Limit one certificate per session)

Donations must be made to the Portraitions team online between October 8 and November 21, 2009, but your certificate is good  from the day of your donation until October 1, 2010.  Or you can schedule your session right away and have your portrait in your home for the holidays.

Thanks for reading this post.  I hope it has touched your heart enough to join in the efforts to end childhood cancer.  That is truly something to be thankful for.


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