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End of an Era

I grew up in Chicago and  became aware of politics when I was 7 and my grandmother, Mary Murphy McIver, was thrilled to have an Irish Catholic President.    When I met my husband in college, one  of the things we had in common was our admiration of the Kennedy family.

Almost 50 years later, here we are,  living in DC, when the last of the Kennedy brothers was laid to rest.  John was producing coverage at C-SPAN, so I went to the Capitol with my camera to join the thousands who went down to say goodbye.

The plane was late, due to weather in Boston, but everyone  waited quietly, talking, standing or sitting in the grass.  When the procession arrived, there were a few words,  a prayer, and they moved on the Arlington National

Cemetery.  Everyone walked quietly away, having said goodbye to a friend.


One comment on “End of an Era

  1. Laurie
    October 10, 2009

    Aha! I knew you wouldn’t miss this! Hope you’re both well.

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