A Boutique Portrait Experience


When the kids were younger, growing up in Lima, Ohio, it  somehow became tradition for the cousins to go bowling after holiday  dinners at Grandma  & Grandpa Garlock’s.  One of the uncles, usually Pete, would pack them up and head out to Westgate Lanes for a fun filled evening.

We recently had a wedding shower for Joseph’s fiance, Crystal, and ended the day by bowling.  OK, not me, I just took photographs, and really laughed as I watched the kids enjoy the old tradition, and the grandkids learning a new sport.  Veronica and Isaac picked up the balls and carried them to the line, then pretty much dropped the ball.

How wonderful it is to enjoy the simple moments, like laying down to wait for the ball to roll ever so slooowly toward the pins…

Savor these time this summer, and take photographs!!


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