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Back to School for Grownups

SO I know lots of you are getting your children back to school…it has been two years  since our youngest finished college and back to school is not on our agenda anymore.  However, it is time for me to go back to school.  The Virginia Professional Photographers sponsor numerous educational programs during the year, and this time, I was one of them.

We held our summer seminar in Williamsburg, VA over the weekend.  The subject was Children’s Portraiture and this time I was one of the speakers.  It was great fun to tell everyone about my wonderful clients and the fun we have creating portrait albums here in  the beautiful Washington DC Metro area.

As part of the program, I photographed the fabulous Jaylen, the son of our morning speaker.  Shari  (  teaches modern networking…on the web.  She gave us so much information we thought our heads would explode.  She did get me to update my long neglected blog and I even tweeted on Twitter, so hopefully I will keep it up!

So as the kids go back, consider what you maight want to learn, and sign up for a class!!  If enough of you ask, maybe I could do a webinar on photographing your beautiful children when I am not there…

Let me know, and happy fall!Summer Walk


One comment on “Back to School for Grownups

  1. shari
    September 17, 2009

    Thank you so much for the kind words and for the AWESOME photographs of Jaylen. Anyone that is looking to have their child or them photograph…you are at the right place. I dislike getting my picture taken and I was made to feel so comfortable about the entire experience. Thank you so much!!
    I am so glad that you started your blog back up and hope that you will be joining me on the 8 week course on Networking 101 (free of charge for attendees) !

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