A Boutique Portrait Experience

Stroller Strides

So here we are enjoying those few days of springlike temperatures and looking forward to the cherry blossoms next month. I just found out from one of my clients, it also means a birthday…for her business, Stroller Strides. Jennifer Lungren, a certified fitness instructor, celebrates five years of helping local moms get in shape with her great mommy baby workout routines.
No more feeling like you can’t work out because what will you do with the children. You can just bring them and get them into the act.
If you need proof it works, check out how great Jennifer looked last spring, with her two daughters and brand new baby Jack in the stroller, during an early morning portrait session by the cherry blossoms. ( We had just finished and  Dad  was headed to his office  and were headed to the car.)
So happy birthday, Stroller Strides! For more information, log onto or contact Jennifer at
Meanwhile, stay warm.  Spring is coming.dsc_5382


2 comments on “Stroller Strides

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