A Boutique Portrait Experience

Who knew there would be marching bands?

Well, it seemed that  spending a little time at the National Gallery soaking up inspiration would be a great way to begin the year. I headed down early on Sunday morning, bringing Snickerdoodle (my camera, for those who haven’t met him) along for the  fun.

I was a little early for the Gallery, so I started at   the Smithsonian Castle.   The building is amazing and the gardens are beautiful, even in winter.   After I wandered through the Castle, I headed for the Mall, when I heard the marching bands.  I had stumbled onto the dress rehearsal for the inauguration parade.  It was great fun to watch and applaud. There is simply nothing like some rousing John Phillip Sousa  to start your day.

They were practicing the swearing in at the Capitol,  raising the colors and rehearsing all the moves.  Quite impressive, especially since I don’t believe I’ll be up close and personal on the 20th.

The National Gallery is always inspirational.  I’ll do another post soon, showing some classic images along with contemporary ones of my great clients…  real examples

of your family becoming personal works of art.

Meanwhile, stay warm and if you live in DC, good luck getting around  next week!


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