A Boutique Portrait Experience

The Future is Here

When I was a kid, I watched The Jetsons.  It was all so amazing.   I truly believed that by the year 2000, we would be there.  Flying cars,  robots, video phones, the whole futuristic life.  Nine years ago, it  still seemed so far away.

I don’t have a robot yet, not even a Roomba vacuum,  and my personal helicopter is not parked  in my driveway, but I did have my first video phone call tonight.

Our oldest, Matthew,  travels for business, and  he got a webcam so he can say goodnight to the kids when he is away.  John got a new computer this Christmas, with a built in webcam, so tonight, when Jill called to tell Matthew goodnight, first they called us.  Even though we just saw the grandkids at Christmas, it was a delight to ‘see’ them again so  soon.  Rachel even sang the entire Notre Dame Fight Song for us.  It was pretty darn cool.  Now to get our daughter to get a webcam next….

Living in this area, you see painted portraits hanging in almost every public building.  We are used to seeing history portrayed this way, but did you realize that many of these portraits we actually painted in Europe and sent over to family members here in “The Colonies”  as a way for family members to keep in touch?

It took George Washington a full day  just to ride from Mount Vernon to Alexandria…a 20 minute drive today.  In a time when travel was so  time consuming and often treacherous, sending a p0rtrait was a much safer way to ‘see’ one another.

Photography made it  much more simple…just hold very very still for a minute or so, instead of hours of sitting for painter.  I look at old photographic portraits  at antique shows and flea markets, taken at the turn of the last century, and wonder about their lives.

Who were these people, who believed it was important to take the  time and expense to  have their portrait made?  Who did they send it to?    I think  about the year 2109…who will  look at the portraits I create this year, and wonder about the lives of my clients.

Now it all seems so simple.  Upload a photograph and email it anywhere in the world in seconds.  However, be sure to have those printed portraits too…with your names and dates on the back…to carry your story into the future.

Meanwhile, set up that video camera and call your parents.  We’ll love to see your smiling faces.  Pretty Jetsons, don’t you think?


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