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Where DO I get those cookies?

OK, I know all my wonderful clients love their portraits, but I still detect a gleam in your eyes when I show up with those cookie bags!  I wish I could take credit for baking them, but sadly, that is not the case.  So where do I get those cookies?

My first stop every morning is Best Buns Bakery  ( in Shirlington Village, right next to the Carlyle Grand Restaurant in Arlington, VA.  I discovered Best Buns when we first moved here five years ago, and lived in Shirlington.   Now I drive instead of walk, but it is still a great  way to start the day.

When you walk in, the smell of fresh baked bread  envelopes  you, but it truly is the staff that warms your heart.  How wonderful to walk into a place where they know me, and the question isn’t what do you want, but simply how many?  And do I need doggie treats as well?  And of course,  my Starbucks.

I was recently invited to go in the back and see how these cookies are made.  Sylvia mixed up a batch, with the toffee and chocolate pieces , butter and eggs and all the wonderful natural flavors you taste in each bite.  FIdel put the trays loaded with cookies into a walk-in oven, where the trays rotate during cooking, so everything bakes evenly.  I have never seen an oven like it.

Christina loads the cookies on a tray for the display case, and next thing you know, they are at your house. just the thing for an afternoon treat.  Many thanks to Carlos and the crew for allowing me ‘backstage’ and for bringing an extra smile to my clients.  Say, “Cookies

” !


One comment on “Where DO I get those cookies?

  1. Charles Erickson
    October 21, 2008


    The magic of google search turned up your website.
    Are you enjoying the Washington D.C. lifestyle?
    It must be over five years since you and John moved from the
    Ohio scene.
    I am glad to see you are still enjoying photography.

    Take care,

    The rumors are correct.
    I am retired from WLIO.

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