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Photographs in the Attic

I know, I know, it’s the digital age. We all have wonderful digital cameras and take hundreds of photographs of our children every year. It is great to email photographs to family and friends, but my message is this: don’t just leave them on your hard drive! I was talking to a great client, Tracey, today about the pros and cons of digital storage. Backing them up on CD is a start, but think ahead. Way, way ahead.

Begin by thinking back. Hopefully everyone of you at one time had the wonderful opportunity to come upon a box of photographs in the attic. What a treasure trove of information about your family. Images from your parent’s and grandparent’s lives, offering a glimpse of past holidays, school events, even romances. The story of their lives, chronicled and placed away for you to discover, years later.

Now think ahead again, to your grandchildren (hard to imagine, I know) finding a box of shiny CDs in the attic, and saying, what are these old fashioned things? Didn’t Grandma used to use these on the anitque computer she had once? All your wonderful stories, lost to newer technology. I know, because I have boxes of floppy discs (do you even know what those are?) full of information and images I will never see again.

But you take SO MANY photographs, it would be crazy to print them all…so here is a simple way to preserve those memories for future generations. Keep a file on your desktop labeled REPRINTS.

Every time you upload a set of images, select a few favorites and copy them over to your REPRINTS file. Be sure to keep backup CDs of all your photos, but each month or so, upload your REPRINTS images to a camera shop for printing. You can pick them up in an hour at a local place, or have them sent to you.

Now you have hard copies of each significant event you photographed. If you are like my daughter, Angela, you can them create amazing scrapbooks and albums for your children to enjoy. If, like me, you know that will never happen at your house, simply put them in a box to share with family later.

Our three kids have had their entire lives chronicled by their mother. Hugh storage bins, full of their past. We love going through the boxes when the kids are here. We laugh and cry and say, “I had forgotten all about that” but now, the memory is recalled and relived with joy.

So please, get in the habit of printing those snapshots. Give yourself this gift, this moment when your children, now so small, dig through the boxes of memories in your attic and tell your grandchildren what life was like when they were growing up, and have the pictures to prove it.


2 comments on “Photographs in the Attic

  1. Debra
    September 19, 2008

    Excellent advice!

    This problem vaguely crossed my mind a few weeks back when I had to update a resume that was stored on a floppy. What can I say — it’s been a while since I had to job hunt.

    Couldn’t figure out a way to get around the inevitable file format change with images. Silly wabbit! Just do what folks have done for generations — get prints!

    Of course, I should probably also burn my hundreds of images on a CD, eh?

    Thanks for the great idea!

  2. katiegdc
    September 19, 2008

    Happy to help. You just can’t beat actual photographs.
    When you do burn cds,it will save time looking for images later if you print a contact sheet of representative images on the cd and file both in a three ring binder.

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