A Boutique Portrait Experience

Where am I going?

A familiar question, one I ask myself frequently, as I find my way to client’s homes. I am a big fan of Yahoo Maps, but since I often have to call John to ask him to read the directions I left on my desk, I decided to invest in a GPS Navigation system. It was quite a surprise to discover that it will also tell me where the nearest Starbucks is, anywhere in the lower 48. Now that is a navigation system worth having.

Mind you, I still go to Yahoo first and (hopefully) bring the directions with me for backup, but it has been an adventure to see how my new system thinks I should proceed. I have discovered that I often know how to navigate DC better than the system (much better to avoid all those traffic circles when you know where they are). I have also given myself a little extra time and just gone with the alternate directions, finding new areas of the the region I have never driven, and enjoying the scenery.

When I was a kid, our Sunday afternoons were often spent on a drive “to the country”, which, for this Chicago kid, meant the suburban hinterlands where Aunt Nell lived. In those days of no seatbelts, much less car seats, we sat on each other’s laps. All six of us and the dog in the car with Mom and Dad, with the drive itself as the event. We took turns spotting cows in the fields. Dad loved to drive, and he knew the way.

So as I plug in my GPS and head out to Dulles to pick up my niece (Aunt Nell’s granddaughter, BTW) I remember the simple pleasures of a Sunday drive, and hope the traffic cooperates.

I guess my suggestion to you this Father’s Day weekend, is to occasionally take the scenic route. Try something familiar in a new way. Order the special, even if you have never had it, watch a movie with actors you have never heard of, find a compliment for every person you talk with tomorrow. And enjoy the ride.


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