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Cherry Blossom Watch

blossoms-07-blog.jpgblossoms-07-blog.jpgI hope everyone had a great Easter weekend, Spring Break or quick getaway as spring approaches. Here in the DC area, it is cherry blossom time. For two weeks, the city is truly transformed as the soft glow of pink and white blossoms fill the Tidal Basin, Capitol grounds and other areas of the city. I do a blossom check every day, and have several families on standby (you know who you are) for sessions in the next ten days or so.
IF you are looking for me, I’ll be out early each day with my camera, taking advantage of the amazing early morning light. The festival begins on March 29, so be sure to visit before everything is gone!


One comment on “Cherry Blossom Watch

  1. moorethanuknow
    March 29, 2008

    Very cool Mom! You’re a blogger. Can you believe that? I wish it was warm enough here for some blooming!

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